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Personal Trainer Job Description

A Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer

If you’re wondering whether a personal trainer job might be a good fit for your skills, personality, and ultimate career goals, you should understand what a typical day would look like in this type of employment. Though every personal trainer’s job description is unique to his or her circumstances, this guide will help you get a more thorough understanding of this exciting and potentially lucrative way of life that can come from a personal trainer job.

What a Personal Trainer Does- Personal Trainer Job Description

Regardless of whether you work for yourself or for an organization, you’ll likely spend most of your time as a personal fitness trainer involved in the following activities:

  • Helping clients understand the best fitness exercises and routines for their body types and desired results, such as losing weight, gaining lean muscle mass or recovering after an injury and physical therapy.
  • Providing support for clients to help them reach their weight loss goals. Part of a personal trainer’s job is encouraging your clients and helping them see their potential. Often, the most successful personal trainers are those who do the best job motivating their clients.
  • Using scientific methods to create well-balanced nutritional plans and suggestions for the people who come to you for advice.
  • Working in a gym environment rather than in an office and being very visible and hands-on. Some personal trainers also make “house calls,” visiting clients in their own homes rather than in a public locale.

One of the strongest skills needed to be successful as a fitness and training instructor is to be able to work effectively with the public.

The Perks of a Personal Trainer Job

If you are looking for a job that allows a lot of flexibility, a personal trainer job may be right for you. Becoming a personal trainer allows you to set your own schedule with your clients. If you plan on working independently, you will never have to answer to a boss, and can set your schedule to fit your needs. Unlike a lot of other professions, a job as a personal trainer allows you the opportunity to choose when you want to work each week.

Another perk of a personal trainer job is that you can be active. While many people sit behind a desk all day, you have the opportunity to be work with clients and remain active. This not only keeps your day interesting, it keeps you healthy.  It has been proven that sitting at a desk each day has a negative impact on a person’s overall health. However, a personal trainer job will allow you to stay active as you help your clients and walk them through their workouts.

One of the greatest perks of a personal trainer job is that the job allows you to work directly with people all day. If you have an outgoing personality, and love to work with others. Becoming a personal trainer may be the perfect choice for you. As a personal trainer, you will get to work closely with people day in and day out. Forming close relationships with your clients will make work an even more positive experience for you.

Education Needed to Become a Personal Trainer

Your personal trainer job will require you to be knowledgeable in the science behind exercise in order to support client’s workout goals.  Although some people try to market themselves as personal trainers with only experience, it’s becoming increasingly important for anyone who seriously wishes to get into this field to become certified. In order to be hired by many gyms and properly support your clients, becoming a certified personal trainer is essential. Fortunately, ISTA offers the certifications needed to be a personal trainer, and they can be completed at home through online courses. This enables potential fitness instructors to gain the knowledge they require at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home. The Personal Trainer certification is also backed by the NBFE. Our personal trainer certification helps anyone seeking to get a personal trainer job get the education they need to be hired by reputable gyms throughout the country and earn a solid yearly strategy. Check out our personal trainer education requirements today!

Average Salary Levels for Personal Trainers

Currently, the median salary for a personal trainer is around $39,000 per year. However, a personal trainer job may lead to a larger salary depending on a variety of factors. Where you live, what you’ve done in the past, who your client base is, how you’re paid (via a salary or as a consultant), and whether you work part-time or full-time all affect how much you can make in a personal trainer job.

One of the biggest factors that can affect your yearly salary as a personal trainer is where you live. While you can make a rather high salary in some areas. For example personal trainers in new York city make around $64,870 a year on average while personal trainer in Indianapolis make around $30,481 a year on average. If you are looking for a personal trainer job, it is important to consider where you live and where you want to work in order to know how much you should be paid.

 A Strong Need for Personal Trainers

According to BLS statistics, personal trainer jobs will continue to be in demand in the coming decade. This means if you invest in your future now, you’ll be starting on a track that has all the hallmarks of affording you steady, interesting employment for years. Contact us today to begin your career as a personal trainer!