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Nutrition Specialist Jobs

Nutrition Specialist Jobsfitness nutrition specialist salary

Are you riveted by the science behind healthy eating and working out? Do your friends often ask you for advice when they’re struggling to get fit or lose weight? A job as a specialist in nutrition may be perfectly suited for your personality and desires!

Nutrition specialist jobs are available now thanks to a national movement toward combatting obesity. With the growth of television shows, infomercials and products aimed at educating people of all ages about the need for proper eating habits, it’s a great time to get into this burgeoning field.

What Does a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition Do?

Are you wondering what a nutrition specialist really is? There is no one specific nutrition specialist job description, as all nutrition specialist jobs are unique. However, if you do decide that this is the perfect career path for your talents and strengths, you’ll find that you regularly:

  • Work with clients to assist them in eating more healthfully and correctly
  • Use scientific knowledge about the components of foods to help clients balance their diets
  • Help clients achieve their nutrition and weight loss (or gain) goals
  • Plan meals for groups, such as at retirement homes or gyms
  • Speak with the public as a consultant on correct nutrition
  • Work with parents and advocacy groups on tackling childhood obesity

As you can this from this variety, one of the biggest advantages in becoming a specialist in fitness nutrition is that no two days are alike.

Wait… Is a Specialist in Nutrition a Dietitian?

When you become a specialist in nutrition, you may be asked if you’re a registered dietitian. However, the two are distinct from each other. Though you can certainly go on to get a degree as a dietitian, you do not have to. This makes becoming a nutrition specialist perfect if you don’t want to go back to school and wait for years to be able to work in this industry.

What Does a Nutrition Specialist Make?

As a certified fitness nutritionist, your salary varies upon several different factors. Some the biggest factors that can affect your fitness nutrition specialist salary include your location, your career path with your fitness nutritionist certification, and your experience. Read on to see how these factors can affect your salary as a fitness nutritionist specialist.

One of the biggest factors in determining your nutrition specialist salary is where you live. The average fitness nutritionist specialist salary is around $55,000. However, this varies radically by what state you live in. The three states that have the highest fitness nutritionist salaries are California, Nevada, and Hawaii. In these three states, a certified fitness nutritionist salary averages at $71,870 a year, $70,580 a year, and $64,150 a year respectively. Overall, living in a metropolitan area as a certified fitness nutritionist will have a positive impact on your salary. Metropolitan areas have higher salaries for fitness nutrition specialist than rural or suburban areas. Some of the top metropolitan areas for nutritionist specialist include Oakland, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and San Francisco, California. On average, a fitness nutritionist specialist salary in these areas is $82,510 a year, $80,730 a year, and $78,160 a year. Even though working in a metropolitan area will have a positive impact on your salary as a fitness nutritionist specialist, you can still make good money living in non-metropolitan areas. Some of the top non-metropolitan areas for fitness nutritionist include Southcentral Idaho, East Georgia, and the North coast region of California. On average, the fitness nutritionist specialist salaries in these areas are $68,270 a year, $61,070 a year, and $60,840 a year.

Another major factor that can impact your salary as a fitness nutrition specialist is the  career path you choose once you get your certification. As a certified fitness nutritionist, you have a variety of career paths to choose from. Common career paths for fitness nutritionist specialists include becoming dieticians, becoming  certified diabetes educators, becoming  renal dieticians, becoming  registered dieticians, becoming  clinical managers, or becoming   physician’s assistants. With your certification from ISTA, you can further your education which will affect your salary. Overall, your fitness nutritionist specialist salary will depend upon  the career path you choose and your ultimate career goals.

The third factor that affects your fitness nutritionist salary is your experience. Like any career, the longer you work as a fitness nutritionist the more you will get paid. Each year a fitness nutritionist specialist salary increases. On average, those who have worked in the industry between 0-5 years make about $40,000 a year. However, this number grows over a fitness nutritionist specialist’s career, showing that this career has great job growth potential! By the time you have been working in this career for twenty years you should expect to make around $60,000 dollars. Even though experience will lead to a more lucrative career overtime, you can easily be making over $60,000 earlier in your career depending upon where you work and what you choose to do with your fitness nutritionist certification.

Becoming a certified fitness nutritionist specialist provides you with a great opportunity to earn a solid salary. As a certified fitness nutritionist specialist, you can control several factors that affect your salary. By getting a fitness nutritionist specialist certification from ISTA, You can begin your career path and start gaining experience, so that you can begin getting the fitness nutritionist salary of your dreams.

How to Become a Nutrition Specialist

It’s a smart idea to get certified as a nutrition specialist, a task which you can complete in traditional classroom settings or through an online nutrition specialist course. The International Strength Training Association offers a well-respected certification for fitness nutrition specialists. This makes it simple to get started, even if you’re currently working at a different job and want to change careers.