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Texas Personal Training Certification

Your Texas Personal Training Certification Is as Close as ISTA

Do you love working out in the gym? Do you find that people naturally ask you to help them with their fitness questions and goals? Do you want a job you can feel passionate about? Then discover the difference of being a personal trainer in Texas! At ISTA, we offer a top personal trainer certification in Texas for people just like you who are excited about the personal training industry and want to learn more. Become a personal trainer today, and make all your dreams come true!

When You’re a Certified Personal Trainer, You Set Your Schedule

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a Texas personal trainer is being able to finally have the freedom to set your own schedule. Many of our ISTA certified personal trainers enjoy having the flexibility to arrange their days to accommodate their families and other commitments. You don’t even have to start as a full-time personal trainer! If you already have another job and aren’t quite ready to go out on your own, why not become a certified personal trainer in Texas and work in a part-time capacity? Whatever your goals are, we’re here to help.

Earn a Certified Personal Trainer Salary in Texas

Having a personal trainer certification in Texas doesn’t just give you possibilities from a personal perspective. It also enables you to earn the salary of a personal trainer. In the United States, the average starting salary for personal trainers is around $33,000. Those who take the profession seriously can and do make more. Set your rates, get your clients and watch your business grow when you have the backing of a certifying entity that’s well-respected like ISTA!

Do You Think About Being a Personal Trainer?

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a personal trainer, there’s no better time to get started. ISTA allows you to take all the necessary coursework online. This means you can study in the late evening or early morning, rather than having to take any time out of your already-busy schedule to get your certification. After passing the examination to be a certified personal trainer through ISTA, you can start to promote yourself. Make no mistake — having a certification is a big advantage in the personal training marketplace!

ISTA Offers Certifications Compatible With Personal Training

After receiving your personal trainer certification with ISTA, we encourage you to consider our other certification as a fitness nutrition specialist. This certification is also designed to be Internet-based, and it may open new doors for you as you expand your offerings. Browse through the ISTA website to get more information on this and other exciting opportunities through the ISTA organization!