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Florida Personal Training Certification

Your Florida Personal Training Certification Starts With ISTA

If you’re someone who has always wanted to become certified as a personal trainer in Florida, it’s time to discover the advantages of working with ISTA! ISTA offers completely online coursework, allowing you to get your personal training certification at your convenience. It’s the most straightforward, well-respected method of earning a certification in an industry you’re passionate about. Discover the difference of ISTA today!

We Make Reaching Your Ultimate Career Goals Easier

Are you tired of your current workplace? Do you long to be able to be your own boss and take charge of your future? With a personal trainer certification in Florida, you have many more options and opportunities! Some of the benefits that people enjoy after they get their personal training certification with us include:

  • Being able to start their own businesses and attract new clients.
  • Being able to really love each and every workday.
  • Being able to command a high personal trainer salary, since the salary of a personal trainer in Florida averages around the mid-$30Ks.

Sound interesting? Contact ISTA today, or just complete the registration online to begin your journey!

Why Getting a Top Personal Trainer Certification Gives You a Boost

Anyone can call themselves a personal trainer, but that doesn’t make them certified. Certification is an important credential if you are serious about success in the personal training industry. Without certification, it can be difficult to get new clients. Plus, if you’re considering working for a fitness facility, many will not consider personal trainers who do not possess credentials from well-respected institutes like ISTA.

Other advantages to taking the courses to become a certified personal trainer in Florida are:

  • You’ll be up-to-date on the latest personal training guidelines.
  • You’ll have a better baseline understanding of how to safely and accurately assess and assist clients.
  • You’ll be associated with an organization that is known.
  • You’ll be able to showcase your desire to educate yourself about the industry you work in.

Make no mistake — credentials matter! In less than a year, you can be certified as a personal trainer when you begin right now by registering with ISTA.

Having ISTA as a Partner Is a Distinctive Benefit

Aside from the highly reputed ISTA name, you’ll have other benefits when you get your personal training certification through us. One of those benefits is that you can also complement your personal trainer certification with a fitness nutrition specialist certification. Plenty of people who obtain their personal training certification go on to get a fitness nutrition specialist certification, too. That way, they can cross-market themselves, potentially upping their revenue streams and salary expectations. It’s a smart way to set yourself apart from the competition! Contact ISTA today for more information.